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By opening your Exectuor Box you can give:

More efficient transfer of assets

Estate dealt with more quickly

Lower legal costs

Simplify the executor’s role

Store your important documents

A life Remembered

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My Executor Box is innovation which is overdue in our modern online world and it will really help clients, executors and solicitors deliver a quicker more efficient executry service when required.

My husband has recently suffered serious ill health and at one point we thought we were going to lose him. Thankfully, he is now on the road to recovery. Kenny has always been the financial person in our relationship and I wouldnt know where to begin if things had gone wrong. At the very least My Executor Box gives me the assurance I would know where our money is.

Before he retired, Alan Wardrop, creator of “My Executor Box”, was our trusted financial advisor for many years. We welcome his novel product as an efficient, time-saving tool for our family to ease probate, as information about all our assets will be easily and immediately accessible.

As I have got older my thoughts have turned to the question, would my family really know where all my money is if anything happened to me? Its been a real concern. As a former banker I can see the need for a solution and I believe My Executor Box could be the answer.

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  • Record your Assets

    Add all your assets in an easy to use format by asset type, including bank accounts, investments and property

  • Manage your Executors

    You control who can view and assist you by inviting your executors to access your Executor Box as and when you wish

  • A Life Remembered

    Tell future generations who you were and what you did with your life.Leave messages for family members for future events such as weddings etc

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