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Solicitors prepare a will recording a person's wishes and who should benefit from their estate. However, they do not record where these assets are located and have the difficult task of becoming detectives on their client’s death

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Solicitors are very aware of the problems involved in dealing with an estate. However, recommending My Executor Box provides many benefits for all parties:

  1. Executors will know where the deceased assets are and can provide the information to the solicitor quickly and efficiently when required.
  2. No recorded assets are lost, protecting savings, investments, shares and property.
  3. Estates are wound up more quickly as there is no search required for assets.

Many solicitors are partnering with Executor Services Limited, trading as My Executor Box.

As a result of partnering, solicitors secure a 10% discount on My Executor Box subscriptions for their clients. There is also an income share with partner solicitors and a referral system for new will enquiries and other legal work.

Isn’t it time we provided a better solution for clients and their executors?

Before My Executor Box

Current Issues Faced

Solicitors are in the difficult position of relying upon family members and executors to provide them with the information they require to administer the estate. The deceased often hasn’t left any information as to where their assets are, i.e. in the bank, building society or investment company. Family members are left with the thankless task, at a difficult time, to turn a home upside down to find the missing information. The days of finding bank books will shortly becoming to an end and with online banking and investment their job becomes even more difficult. Solicitors often find themselves presented with shopping bags full of bank books and life insurance policies which are out of date and the challenge is to establish where the assets are to ensure funds are found and transferred to the beneficiaries. In a modern world there has to be a solution.

Using My Executor Box

My Executor Box is a simple and easy to use platform to set up and keep up to date.

  • Generate Revenue

    We operate a revenue share scheme with our MEB solicitors. Contact for more information.

  • Support your Clients

    Recommend My Executor Box to your clients and they will receive a 10% discount on subscription fees

  • Increased Visibility

    With access to My Executor Box an executor and solicitor have the tools and information to carry out their responsibilities quickly and efficiently

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