My Executor Box

For Power of Attorneys

My Executor Box helps attorneys to access all the financial information they require to fulfill their role of looking after the donor’s finances.

Making Hard Times Easier

My Executor Box was launched to assist executors and attorneys in fulfilling their responsibilities and making it easier and more efficient to perform their roles.

Overall, all managing of finances and property under a Power of Attorney must be done in the best interest of the donor. This can extend from banking accounts and pension plans to investments and the buying or selling of property.
But you really need to know where to find this information before someone loses their capacity.
That’s where My Executor Box comes in.

It is a secure online platform to record where your assets are located which provides the necessary information for your power of attorney to find and administer your assets.
Before My Executor Box

Current Issues Faced

People very rarely record where their assets are located and their value which makes finding them even more difficult as their health deteriorates.
In a fast changing technological world it still remains a difficult task for families and attorney’s to find the assets of the donor after their health has deteriorated. My Executor Box is a safe, simple and secure platform providing a modern solution to an age old problem.

Using My Executor Box

My Executor Box is a simple secure data vault for people to store their financial and personal information allowing access to their attorneys when needed.

All you have to do is invite them under the Executors and Attorney’s section of the website and give them immediate access rights.

  • Access Documents

    Important documents like a will or power of attorney can be stored securely and easily accessed when needed

  • Locate Assets

    Assets are registered, stored safely and available for the power of attorney when required

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