My Executor Box

For Executors

The role of the executor is really important and carries a heavy responsibility at a difficult and emotional time

Making Hard Times Easier

In a fast changing technological world it still remains a lengthy, horrible and difficult task for families and executors to find the assets of a deceased loved one. My Executor Box is a safe, simple and secure platform providing a modern solution to an age old problem.
Before My Executor Box

Current Issues Faced

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Using My Executor Box

My Executor Box is a simple secure data vault for people to store their financial and personal information allowing access to their executors when needed

  • Access Documents

    Important documents like a will or power of attorney can be stored securely and easily accessed when needed

  • Locate Assets

    Assets are registered, stored safely and protected for the transfer to the beneficiaries of the will

  • Relive Memories

    A life should be remembered with family memories, messages and information passed

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