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Record your assets for now and protect them for the future. In a fast-changing technological world it still remains a horrible task for families and executors to find all the assets of a deceased loved one. My Executor Box is a safe, simple and secure platform providing a modern solution to an age old problem.

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Before My Executor Box

Current Issues Faced

In this digital online age we shouldn’t have family members and executors trying to find assets and also dealing with the trauma of a family death. With online banking the days of old bank books, paper files of life insurance policies etc are gone and we can no longer say “if anything happens to me everything you need is in that drawer.” It can be a near impossible task finding all the assets unless you have details and proof. To date families have lost £1.6 billion – money the government has legally seized through the Dormant Assets Scheme.

The sad reality is when people make a will they don’t record their assets or keep it up to date. On death, money is lost and it takes longer to wind up the estate, adding stress and higher costs for those bereaved.

The solution? A digital vault storing records of assets and important documents as well as a way of recording your wishes and messages for family members in the future

Using My Executor Box

My Executor Box is easy to use but if you have any difficulty we have our UK based support team ready to take your call and assist you on 0141-471-2999

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  • Manage Executors

    My Executor Box is a huge help to your executors when the time comes but until then you control how and when they access it.

  • Track Net Worth

    Your Executor Box isn't Just for the future it allows you today to record your assets and monitor your net worth

  • A Life Remembered

    Every life is unique and special and you can record your lifetime of memories and pass on personal family messages and information for future generations

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